Industrial Transportation

The additives and high-wetting fiber materials we provide can improve the performance and life of tires, transmission belts and dynamic sealing materials under harsh conditions.
It has broad application prospects in the fields of automobile, railway and aerospace.
New Energy

Wind power equipment and charging piles are demanding on the performance of parts, and better performance materials are in urgent need of development.

Composite Material

The development of aramid and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composites is booming.
The interface properties of innovative high-wetting fibers and resin materials are further
improved. It can produce composite materials with better performance.

Environmentally friendly materials

With the promotion of people's environmental awareness and the introduction of more
demanding environmental regulations.
In the coatings industry, waterborne materials have become an irreversible trend.
The development of hydrophilic materials is a very important direction for us.